Currently, LiveStyle works as a plugin for Google Chrome, Safari and Sublime Text.

Sublime Text extension

You can install directly from Package Control.

  1. Install Package Control first.
  2. When installed, open Command Palette in ST editor and pick Package Control: Install Package command.
  3. Find and install LiveStyle extension.

When installed, LiveStyle will automatically download require PyV8 extension. If you experience issues with automatic PyV8 installation, try to install it manually.

NB: if you have Emmet or TernJS extensions installed, make sure you have the most recent versions since they contain updates vital for LiveStyle extension.

Google Chrome extension

You can install LiveStyle directly from Chrome Webstore. When installed, you should see LiveStyle panel in DevTools:

Chrome extension

Safari extension

Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t provide API to extend Web Inspector so you have to hack it. The LiveStyle extension is developed for latest Webkit Nightly and upcoming OS X Mavericks’ Safari.

First, you have to download latest WebKit Nightly and install it. Now you have two options to install extension: using automatic installer, available in Sublime Text extension and manual installation.

Automatic installation via Sublime Text

In Sublime Text (with LiveStyle extension installed, of course), pick Tools > Install LiveStyle for WebKit extension menu item or run LiveStyle: Install WebKit extension command from Command Palette.

If WebKit extension was installed correctly, you’ll see message asking you to restart WebKit. If it fails, try to use manual installation.

Manual installation

  1. Go to /Applications/<YOUR OSX VERSION>/WebInspectorUI.framework/Resources folder, substitute <YOUR OSX VERSION> with your actual OSX version, e.g. 10.8. You can get there by right-clicking on WebKit app and picking Show Package Contents menu item.
  2. Download LiveStyle extension and unpack its contents into livestyle (this name is important) subfolder of your current folder, e.g. WebInspectorUI.framework/Resources.
  3. Open Web Inspectors’ Main.html file in text editor.
  4. At the bottom of the <head> section, right before WebInspector.loaded(); script, attach LiveStyle extension: <script src="livestyle/livestyle.js"></script>.
  5. Restart WebKit and open Web Inspector.

If everything installed correctly, you should see Emmet icon on the toolbar:

WebKit extension

Note that due to a hacky nature of this extension and fast WebKit Nightly update cycle (updated every day) it can break any time. If you’re happy with current WebKit Nightly build, I recommend you to skip all WebKit updates. Otherwise, you have to repeat all installation steps after each update.

Learn how to use LiveStyle.

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